In 2003 he landed in Buenos Aires at the University of Palermo, to later graduate from there in Audiovisual Communications. Although he has obtained several degrees, he definitely believes there are some things that cannot be taught. He is convinced that to create cinema is to follow one’s feelings. He felt that nothing drove him more than his personal projects, so he immersed himself in them. His first project, “Onírico” (2003), also brought him the first of his awards: Universidad de Palermo’s Best Short Film in the Suspense Thriller category. He created many other works during his studies and also found time to form his own rock band. Therefore, when he creates his films he is able to combine both his passions. His favorites are: “Circular” (2005), “Lucy” (2007) and “Tan solo Precaución” (2008) which opened up doors for him to participate in many film festivals. In 2011 he returned to Quito where he has been working ever since in creating music videos, fashion films, and commercials for big name brands such as Coca Cola, GM, Hyundai, Parmalat and others. Currently he is in the writing stage of his first feature length film.